New Zealand is the ultimate place for camping. Its animals are not dangerous, the crime rate very low, the country is not overpopulated, the infrastructure and public facilities are really good and with the right, self-contained vehicle, you can freedom camp almost everywhere. It makes travelling unique and exciting.

Here you will find some useful information on different camping options.


The most independent way of camping. It is fantastic to leave your car overnight in pure wilderness and not have to worry about opening times of receptions etc.
There are a few things to keep in mind when taking freedom camping into consideration. First of all, the vehicle has to be self-contained. This certificate shows that the car has an integrated toilet and waste water system. Investing a bit more in a self-contained camper can save you cash and keep you free in the end.


This is a really cheap option. Campsites with basic facilities for all vehicles from as cheap as $4 per night. They are usually located in or near national parks and reserves and run by the government. Always bring some coins as there will not be a reception, only an "honesty box" which is looking a bit like a letter box.

Holiday Parks

The classic option to stay overnight. Even if you a freedom camping kind of traveller you might like to have a kitchen, laundry or WiFi every few nights. Holiday Parks usually have a lot of flyers of local attractions as well. Their prices are a bit higher, around  30-40 NZD for a night on a powered site.

Top 10 Holiday Parks

These total of 49 Holiday Parks in New Zealand have a lot of different options from unpowered sites to self-contained private sleeping appartments and they are checked on a regular basis for their standards.

Whatever way of camping you prefer, New Zealand is a camping nation and you can feel it here. It is highly enjoyable all over the country. On your campervan trip you will also find a lot of dump stations, free wifi zones, public toilets etc.